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Satya Mai 

Script consultant 

I have worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade. Through working with producers, writers, actors, and directors, I have found stunning similarities in the creative process and struggle. Despite cinema being an inherently collaborative medium, many artists find themselves going it alone. The sole voice of advocacy for themselves and their work. Storytelling is a birthright of the human condition, yet the process of getting an idea out of your head and onto the page can seem like a psychotic game of telephone. My work is to support both the art and the artist. To make what’s on the page a perfectly crafted portrait of the idea inside your head.  I customize my support to each individual writer. Together we work to hone your voice, get clear on the WHY behind the story, and develop your individual artistic process. By telling the story from the inside out, we honor the idea compelling enough to make you brave a blank page with a blinking cursor in the first place. Regardless of if this is your 1st or 500th script, short, feature, or pilot, 1st or 50th draft, getting a set of eyes on your project informed by your goals, your vision, and your personal expression ensures you enter the next phase of development confident you have given your story the best possible chance of making it to the big screen.

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Script Consultation:​

Time to meet you and your story! After filling out a brief questionnaire and submitting your project, I supply you with written feedback containing detailed story notes informed by your specific writing goals. We hop on a call to address any lingering questions and, working together, create tangible next steps to get you to that final draft. 


Script Development/ Coaching:

Want more support? I offer a range of monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly support for the duration of your revision process. We dive into your creative journey, build a plan to get you to the final draft, and focus on your growth as an artist alongside your project. I read and give notes on a draft by draft basis and offer accountability and advocacy throughout the various stages of development.

Other Services


Want me on your team? Hire me as a script doctor, ghost writer, or to join your writer's room. 


"Working alongside Satya has been a truly enriching experience. As a dedicated and talented individual, she has made invaluable contributions to our film writer group over the past year through her creative input, character development, and expertise. What truly stands out about Satya is her strong work ethic, integrity, professionalism, and ability to expertly articulate complex ideas while providing constructive feedback to her peers. Her engaging personality and collaborative spirit make her an asset to any endeavor. I have been impressed by Satya's passion, knowledge, and commitment to the art of storytelling as she continues empowering aspiring writers and filmmakers on their creative journeys. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside such a gifted writer and inspiring individual."

- Lizandro Cruz, Executive Producer, Paramount Pictures, CAA
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"Satya is exceptionally intelligent, collaborative and compassionate. Working with her in the writer’s room gave me a glimpse into her genius - she has a unique capacity to humanize characters in ways that allow them to jump off the page and into our hearts. She elevates everyone’s storytelling! "

- Nadia Sarmova, Producer; Chief Impactainment Officer, Beam In Studios
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“Satya challenges you to go deeper, further, and explore more engaging plots, story arcs, and character. She is the kind of support you need when you are around ‘yes’ people. She is not that. She will keep you on your toes, offering insight and wisdom…backed with a solid work ethic and focus on deliverables. Being in a writing room with Satya is exciting. You find yourself going on thrilling journeys into unknown creative waters, only to come back from the meander, with an alchemised golden idea for any story… I can thoroughly recommend Satya as a consultant, writer and someone you want to be around…I count myself as one of the lucky ones to work alongside her as a world class screenwriter and consultant.”

- Dylan Townsend, Director, Writer, Producer
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"Every time I consult with Satya, I come away with deeper clarity and renewed passion for the work. Whether I am looking for new ideas, story overhaul, or just a sounding board, Satya’s creative instincts, insights into effective storytelling, and thematic awareness is clear every time we speak"

- Logan Stone, Director, Writer, Producer
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Satya Mai Consulting

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