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The Real Reel

Acting is an incredibly challenging profession, and one that often leaves us reliant on other people's permission to do the work we love. "The Real Reel" is intended to empower actors specifically to create their own content. While the program centers around creating standalone scenes written to showcase your skills as an actor, I offer my consultation/ coaching services separately to support any longer form content you are creating. Through this process you will develop a skill set that, not only adds depth to your submission material, but builds confidence in your power as a creative.  

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This eBook is a step by step guide to writing a 1-3 page standalone scene for your reel. 

The Real Reel Workshop: COMING SOON! Limited spots available

Looking for group support? In these guided workshops we break down the Real Reel process step by step. This setting offers accountability and support from your peers throughout the creative journey. 

Looking for one on one support? 


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